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Business Valuations


Understanding value in business entities is more important now than ever before. Performed correctly, a valuation greatly assists in the proper allocation of effort toward future wealth creation.

Whether you are considering purchasing, selling, lending or require information for commercial or family law purposes, our expert valuers can independently identify value and provide documentary support in accordance with required Australian Professional Standards and expert evidentiary standards should a report be required to be tendered for court evidence.

By adopting a systematic approach to valuation, Jessups can work through the process and achieve results specifically in accordance with instructions.

In addition to court evidence, Expert Reports as to value may be required by various authorities and in the various circumstances that individuals and businesses may find themselves and invariably reports must tolerate scrutiny by other experts.

Your expert must satisfy the requirements for independence, experience, qualifications and skill. Jessups are experienced in the provision of Expert Reports and Single Expert Reports in commercial and family law matters.


  • Family Law matters
  • Establishment of value for capital gains tax and stamp duty
  • Pre-purchase reviews (Due Diligence)
  • Purchase and Sale transactions
  • Consideration of minority holding and interests